Fifty EUROS will provide a livelihood for 1 PERSON for AT LEAST 10 YEARS.
Fifty EUROS will bring immense hope for the future to the communities affected.
Fifty EUROS will ensure that the next generation will learn and practice this tradition of fishing, thereby enabling them to support themselves and their community for many more years to come.

In fact, 8,000 Euros (1,000,000 rupees, or 10,000 USD) would allow 30 fishermen to provide a livelihood for their families and for at least 10 lorry drivers, fishmongers, suppliers and their own families. Altogether, 160 people would be supported by the fishing activity for a minimum of 10 years.

UPDATES : 01 - 11 - 2009


Balance bank account Nets and Boats Asbl, Belgium (closed)

0,00 EUR

Transfers to fishermen's bank account
(Commercial Bank, Ambalantota)

69.830,00 EUR



69.830,00 EUR


COMMENTS : Thank you everyone for your cooperation and your generosity.

Kalametiya Beach : eleventh trip – July 2008

Hello to everyone.

Here are some news from Kalametiya.
First, the good ones : each family has now received a clear deed for their new houses. You will remember that, after the tsunami, those houses were built by NGO’s on government land. Congratulations to all who contributed, this is quite a gesture.
It was a good reason to have a party. A local band, singing and dancing was the order of the day. Everybody was happy, especially the children and the wives.

Unfortunately, on the beach side, it is another picture : no fish, as simple as that !
According to the Fisheries Department, the tsunami has affected the migration of most species, including the tuna, which went way off shore. There, it is caught by foreign trawlers coming from the Far East. Radars, sonars and GPS are relentless, depleting the ocean to the point that Fisheries must buy-back some quotas for the local markets, before the vessels return to their home country. Prices went through the roof.

All food prices have jumped incredibly : + 28 % since January of this year, more than 50 % over the last 15 months… The monthly income lasts for two weeks and now, there is no income !
Heavy rains on the Island have modified the salinity of the sea water along the beach, all fish is gone. The big catamarans and their nets have been blocked for months, useless, under the scorching sun.

Each one is looking for a job, any kind of job, here and there, just to buy something to eat.

Despite such a misery, solidarity remains as strong as ever.

Ananda and Sena provide shelter to an old friend. They built for him a nearby cabana and share their meals and bathrooms. The poor man has no water, no electricity, no mattress, no table, not even a chair… Nothing but his sarong and his yellow shirt, as bright as a sunflower, and always spotless.
As you know, during the tsunami, Sena and Ananda have lost their father, mother, sister, a baby and all their belongings… In spite of their sufferings, sharing continues to be their way of life.

Sumathi remains deeply shocked by the loss of his adorable baby daughter. However, despite his ordeal, he has adopted a young boy who lost his parents. Madame Sumathi and the three sisters are taking good care of the new comer but there are a few material problems to solve : clothes, bed, school books, medical expenses…

Other places, other issues : here, one of the daughters is sick, there, the grandfather can’t walk, no food, no money for medication…

We must certainly be able to help, not with big money, a few hundreds Euros for those in need, a few dozens from each of us and we will make miracles.
Thank you so much for thinking about them, your generosity will serve a good cause.

The next trip to Kalametiya is planned for December 2008.

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